A Variety of blends

Kurtz My-T-Fine Molasses will work directly with you or your nutritionist to develop a blend that meets your needs whether or not you are currently feeding the product. We can also match whatever custom blend you are currently feeding. Our services include a wide range of delivery and pricing options. Listed below are the most common blends:

  • 60/40 Ration Conditioning & 66-3 Fat and Protein Products
  • 70/30 Ration Conditioning & 67-3 Fat and Protein Products
  • 75/25 Ration Conditioning & 68-6 Fat and Protein Products
  • 85/15 Ration Conditioning & 70-5 Fat and Protein Products
  • 90/10 Ration Conditioning & 73-5 Fat and Protein Products

Delivery options

Delivery Information

keep your feed fresh longer

Kurtz My-T-Fine Molasses offers custom application of Propionic Acid, Oil, and Flavoring. Extending the life of your feed is difficult especially over the heat of the summer, so we are here to help.

cows with molasses feed

benefits of additives

  • Propionic acid protects your feed from mold and toxins
  • Adding 2 lbs/ton over winter and increasing that to 5 lbs/ton over the summer will reduce the heating and molding of your feed
  • Additives like this implemented into your My-Y-Fine Molasses blend saves you time and presents a higher quality feed to your animals
  • Caramel Flavoring increases your palatability, making for a more desirable feed
  • All liquid supplements we offer can be applied at various levels to meet a wide variety of needs

Liquids offer more than just higher sugar levels

  • Coating and binding properties reduce ration seperation and selective eating by cows.
  • Increasing the sweetness on the palate increases the Dry Matter Intake
  • They help overcome problemes associated with poor quality forages
  • They help transition through variable sources of forages

Implementing protein and fat content into the diet

  • Soy oil is highly concentrated fat source that can be mixed directly into your custom blend to meet a wide variety of your nutritional needs.
  • Soybean is a fat source that is specially processed to be resistant to spoiling
  • Vegetable oils are more digestible than animal fats
  • Sugar increases milk production
  • It increases your digestible nutrients and if managed properly provides a great economic return on your feed costs and milk production
  • As well as increasing your production efficiency sugar reduces the need for higher levels of grain and fat feeding to meet your production needs

why feed liquid sugars?

Increases rumen efficiency:

  • Liquid sugar sources are better digested during rumen fermentation than other sugars
  • Higher sugar levels in ration result in increased microbial responses and increases in butyrate production (which is your milk components)
  • Recommended DM sugar levels between 5-8%

our history

Kurtz Molasses is a family owned company that was started by Paul B. Kurtz in 1945. Paul grew up working in his father’s milling business until he purchased a dump truck and began hauling molasses out of Baltimore Harbor. Today, the company and original farm are owned and operated by second and third generation Kurtz’s. For 75 years our goal has always been to provide quality services at a fair and honest price, and of course to make happy cows.


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